welku/m to the wurld ov kollizh/enizm
throw an\uthr spannr n de werkz
stutter started as an improvisational music collective based out of Louisville, Kentucky USA in the nihilistic days of late 1970's punk / industrial music and DIY aesthetics . influences included electro-acoustic, progressive, free jazz improvisation, electronic, psychedelic, musique concret, new music, 'krautrock' and industrial noise, as readily as Fluxus, Dada and Futurist sound art experiments and performance art . many of the founding band members had first collaborated in Louisville's underground arts collective ARF [ Artist Resistance Front ]

studio and live performances bore out a strong rhythmical composition peppered with Beat-influenced, stream-of-consciousness lyricism, itself tagged with ready wit and complex wordplay . traditional 'rock' instrumentation was subverted through the use of tape loops, early turntablism efforts, non-musicianship, and oblique strategies . performances were often punctuated with improvisational movement, video projections, and avant guarde visual stagings

today, the primary players of the band are scattered across the united states yet the potential for mail- and internet-collaborations virtually keeps the band alive over the distance . core members did re-convene in Louisville for live performances in 1996 and 1997 . and Jeff Jobson has contributed audio resources to JS Adams' continuing BLK w/ BEAR solo project

>> Daddies and Dinosaurs
[1981; unreleased Hit-a-Note studio sessions]
[titles] objects hidden / objects revealed . those persistent questions . argue / don't argue . sprouting wings . you wore daddy out out . [the best laid plans of] mice and mice . content and purpose . blue with a vengeance . white layers . say goodbye
[personnel] JS Adams . Jeff Jobson . Steve Roberts . Derrick White . Eve Spencer . David Thomas . EA Winkler . John Timmons . Bill Parrish

>> collisions / dialogues
[1983 12-inch extend play; TMI Records, Pittsburgh PA USA]
[titles] b-delayed . marchdown . hetrodyne . an open letter . pulling teeth
[personnel] JS Adams . Jeff Jobson . Bill Parrish . Bob Hunter . John Timmons . Pete Webber
[note] funding provided by the greater louisville fund for the arts . national endowment for the arts

>> Watching Animals Drive
[1986 cassette and graphics packet; ARS/Diversion, Louisville KY USA]
[titles] myriad of myths . d-fault . powers that don't be . it's a wonderful life . cities in rotation . big cloud . the department of ladders . europe to the ground . love theme from "butch and killer" . snap physics . b-detained . watching animals drive
[personnel] JS Adams . Jeff Jobson . Bill Parrish . Bob Hunter . John Timmons
[guests] Vera Fiestie . Albert Hall . EA Winkler
[note] part 1ne of this cardboard leisure trilogy

>> SO FA
[1987 cassette and graphic packet; ARS/Diversion, Louisville KY USA]
[titles] jaw of trinidad . home wise . put your best jaw forward . the disease of learning . edward r murrow in a ditch . so fa . put your best fist forward . dogchops . ping-pong ball encased in concrete [arrow] . scenery has collapsed . men from europe
[personnel] JS Adams . Jeff Jobson . Bill Parrish . Bob Hunter . John Timmons . EA Winkler
[note] part 2wo of this cardboard leisure trilogy

>> Broken Snakes
[1989 cassette and graphics packet; ARS/Diversion, Louisville KY USA // 1989 CD and 12-inch album; Check Records, Czech Republic]
[titles] treatise . drowning man . broken snakes . the architect and his medicated wife . no news is no news . plateau of burning trees . lauren's vacation . rough-house . big secret . the editing pool . these are small times [not good enough]
[personell] JS Adams . Jeff Jobson . Bill Parrish . Bob Hunter . John Timmons . EA Winkler
[guests] R Avery . Kenneth Hayden . Debbie Hunter . Cindy Lamb . K Randles
[note] part 3hree of this cardboard leisure trilogy . sides one and two are mistakenly reversed in order on the CD re-issue . album selections were also deconstructed as the BLK w/ BEAR track Check CHCD01 Archival Reconstruction, 2002

>> Exploded View
[1992-1993; unreleased ARS studio sessions]
[titles] an earlier folksong . feeding frenzy . un-titled [point of no return] . myriad of vengeance . in jedem traumhaus ein fliegenhubschrauber . boy w/ errant arms . second hundred years . traumdeutung . the emperor's lung has collapsed
[personell] JS Adams . Bob Hunter . John Timmons . David Birdwhistle . Wayne Ingle
[guest] LA Luv
[note] the emperor's lung has collapsed was also reconstructed as a BLK w/ BEAR solo track, 2002

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