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[context 001] The 'ghost factories' series is my visual interpretation of fogged memories, misfired remembrances and half-waking dreams. The pieces have recently developed to incorporate visual components of connectivity between the increasingly disparate imagery spread across multi-paneled images, whereas previous artworks consisted of a singular image spread over multiple printouts. These works evoke a visual closure and resolution between the physical binding of diptych / triptych sections and abutments of dual-paneled constructs through scratching, inscribing, taping, ripping, scoring and drawing across the panels. Overall, my visual and audio artworks seek to construe a disquieting yet inviting sense of dj vu influenced by the so-called .thoughtography. of Ted Serios, hauntology, .spirit-photography. and Kirlian plasma photography.

[context 002] sculpture + cinematography [ Ball State University : Muncie IN : 1972-76 ] . silver haloid + alternative photographic processes [ Center for Photographic Studies : Louisville KY : 1976-78 ]

[context 003] member of Washington DC queer arts collective the Triangle Artists Group [TAG] . curator of TAG's annual Queering Sound event of alternative sound and spoken word

[context 004] Under my BLK w/ BEAR sound art pseudonym, now a full band effort, we create both temporal turntable installations and laptop compositions utilizing forced looping technique of altered vinyl recordings along with 'dead media' recording sources such as Mutoscope 'Voice-o-Graph' and Wilcox Gay 'Recordio' discs, and deconstructive turntablism.

BLK w/ BEAR advocates a communications aesthetic wherein audio/visuals are distilled to key base components through image pixelation and sound/time manipulation. We celebrate the physical manifestation of misfired communications, broken language and broadcast interference. We champion delay and decay. We champion audio bleed, field recordings and the deconstructed surface noise of altered vinyl recordings. We herald cyclical repetitions and misappropriated realignments, intentional over-processing, signal saturation, digital malfeasance and audio pranksterism. Through aggressive enlargement and recontextualization of the mundane and every-day we hope to usher listeners and viewers into a deeper introspective relationship with previously familiar, now unstable, environs

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