RELEASE DATE: Sunday 25 March 2010


PRESS CONTACT: JS Adams [ curator ]


7:00 PM

Pyramid Atlantic

8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring MD 20910 USA


The tenth installment of Queering Sound again gathers together artists - with a non-exclusive curatorial focus towards gay, lesbian and post-gender-identified participants - who explore alternative avenues of expression through audio, the digital arts, performance art and spoken word. The annual event stages live performances from established and upcoming local talents as well as seeks to introduce Washington audiences to new sounds and visions from across the globe through digital contributions.

Each annual installment of Queering Sound is based loosely around a conceptual thematic. String Theory was chosen for this year's broad aesthetic interpretation: from the pure concept of physical connectivity; oscillations; vibrations; pathways; and spatial loops to the more abstract allegories and oblique interpretations of 101 Strings; guitar strings; a linear sequence of words; to string someone along; etc. or to be ignored out right by the performer.

Compact discs, recordings, publications and other merchandise from contributors will be available for sale.

Admission is $10.00 and available at the door. Doors open 30 minutes before performance.

Pyramid Atlantic is located a three blocks south of the Silver Spring Metro (Red Line); Gated parking is available for free in front of the building. Please enter on the Ripley Street, side entrance.

Live Performers + Digital Contributors

ARTHUR LOVES PLASTIC is Bev Stanton, who was born in the Bahamas and raised near Walt Disney World. She has won over a dozen Washington Area Music Awards in the Electronica category, including 2007 Electronica Recording Wammie for the album Beneath the Watchful Eyes. Her music has appeared in shows on the Discovery Channel, VH1, MTV and other cable television networks. Stanton is one of 24 female electronic artists and deejays profiled in Pink Noises: Women in Electronic Music and Sound (Tara Rodgers; Duke University Press, 2010), alongside Anne Lockwood, Ikue Mori, Pauline Oliveros, Le Tigre and Mira Calix. Arthur Loves Plastic also has eleven tracks featured in the Solocat Productions Los Angeles premiere of The Blue Room. Ever embracing new technologies, Stanton's newest release is a 30-minute download EP influenced and created with iPhone Touch applications. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

BLK w/ BEAR is a full-band effort of JS Adams (prepared vinyl + turntables + loops), Doug Poplin (cello + effects) and PD Sexton (bass + source electronics + effects), whose recordings of warm drones and broadcast interference have accompanied film/video projects in NYC and London, as well as BBC and Sun television programming. Selections from the internationally-acclaimed 'Wish for a World without Hurt' collaboration with London's Rothko were used in the Discovery's Channel's Emmy-nominated 'The Flight that Fought Back' production; broadcast in the USA, UK, Russia, Japan and Germany. BLK w/ BEAR's newest recordings include the Long Division with Remainders '14 versions of the same EP' box set collection and 'Remainders' outtake download (Front & Follow, 2010) and the 'Ten' compilation (Trace Recordings, 2009). Poplin also performs as part of the Bach Sinfonia; Adams is a nationally-exhibited visual artist and part of the turntable deconstruction duo VLT_BLK; Sexton regularly deejays in Atlanta and also performs as a solo artist. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

VJ POPPINS aka Renee Shaw is an installation and performance artist who embraces the phenomenon of synaesthesia. Drawing from archival footage, VJ Poppins manipulates video output through live, spontaneous editing. Like a DJ, she scratches through multiple layers of moving images searching for that perfect mix to create visual juxtapositions and non-linear narratives. VJ Poppins believes identity is a mix of visuals, narratives, genders, complex codes, data and race, commercial and institutional information. VJ Poppins is interested in the intersections of cultural synchronism between personal and communal narratives, identity, and experiences; performance is an attempt to synthesize a community of diverse interests and enthusiasms in this canonical and hierarchical world in which cultures are meshed. She borrows from everywhere trying to form new adjacencies, claiming new mixes, and forging new identities that are not fixed. Shaw is also an accomplished and exhibited visual artist. [LIVE VIDEO MIX]

DANIELLE EVENNOU is an ex-cheerleader from Central New Jersey. She serves the president of the board for the D.C. women's spoken word organization mothertongue, and is a co-host of Sparkle: a queer-driven reading series for all. In Washington, D.C., she has been a featured reader at Sunday Kind of Love, Queering Sound, Cheryl's Gone, Capital Pride, Poetic Situations, Sparkle, as well as at COME HEAR! in New York City. Her poems have appeared in Blue Collar Review, Objet d'Art, and Xenith. In addition, her essays have appeared in the online journal Beltway Poetry Quarterly. Evennou is the recipient of a 2010 Young Artist Grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Her first chapbook, Queen of Tuesday, is available starting July 2010. [LIVE READING]

ISNAJ DUI is the project of Katie English, a classically-trained flautist who resides in London. Standing somewhere between modern classical and electronica, Isnaj Dui conveys a minimal, yet capturing, sound using electronically-manipulated flutes and homemade instruments. With three solo releases on her own FBox Records as well as 'Amacrine' (Smallfish, 2007) and 'Unstable Equilibrium' (Home Normal, 2009), English has gained a solid reputation as both a live performer and recording artist. Through studies in electro-acoustic music, alternative tunings and Javanese Gamelan as well as her classical work, Katie has fused together many styles to create a unique sound, infusing tranquil melodies with a dark edge. She deals primarily with the building of loops to create minimal yet dense textures that weave in and out of each other, using just enough to keep the listener's attention without becoming oppressive. Weeks Went By, her digital contribution to QUEERING SOUND, is made possible through the courtesy of Arctic Circle and is an exclusive track from their exquisite year-long Explorer's Club subscription series (Lo Recordings, 2010). [DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR]

INSECT FACTORY is the music of guitarist Jeff Barsky. His playing creates thick waves of textured sound, building hypnotic and atmospheric drone fields. In the mid 90's, Barsky spent several years studying classical guitar and composition at the Hartt School of Music. Since then, he has continuously played in bands and improvisational collectives, performing frequently on the east coast of the U.S., and also in Canada, throughout Europe, and Japan. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

NICK LOPATA lives in lovely Takoma Park, Maryland. He has been creating and editing video for Blowoff, the popular deejay event thrown by Bob Mould and Richard Morel at Washington DC's 9:30 club, now also held in NYC, San Francisco, San Diego, Provincetown, Atlanta and Chicago. In addition to his video work, Nick's other projects include photography, lighting design, and a local independent film, The Saferoom. His contributions to QUEERING SOUND this year are videos created for partner Rich Morel's Shoegazer Disco re-mix project. [DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR]

A.B. MINER is an artist, curator, and curatorial assistant at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. For the Hirshhorn he curated projects with Yoko Ono and Dan Graham and has worked with Smithsonian Artist Research Fellows Runa Islam and Henrique Oliveira. In spring 2009 he curated "Domesticated: Men and the Domestic Interior" at Transformer Gallery. In fall 2009 he was awarded a German travel fellowship from the Goethe Institut to spend one month in Berlin in 2010. As an artist Miner has exhibited extensively and received awards including the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities Young Artist Program Grant and two Artist's Fellowship Awards. Miner holds an M.F.A. in painting and mixed media from Queens College, CUNY (2000) and a post-graduate certificate in museum studies from the George Washington University (2006). Miner's contribution to QUEERING SOUND is also his first film piece; Fly 08, revisits Yoko Ono's legendary Fly (1970) - an experimental, conceptual film and feminist consideration of the human body. Miner's work enlists the components of the original, capturing on 16mm film a prone unclothed body as a landscape and backdrop for the explorations of a live insect. Fly 08 alternates close-ups and long shots capturing the behavior of the fly while patiently revealing the physiognomy of the somewhat exploited host, the artist himself. An original score by sound artist Richard Chartier accompanies the footage, which was recorded and edited by filmmaker Ron Toole. Fly 08 is presented courtesy of G Fine Art. [DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR]

RICHARD CHARTIER (b.1971), sound and installation artist, is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist electronic sound art which has been termed both "microsound" and Neo-Modernist. Chartier's minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception and the act of listening itself. Chartier's sound works/installations have been presented in galleries and museums internationally including the 2002's Whitney Biennial and he has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America at digital art/electronic music festivals and exhibits. In 2000 he formed the recording label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists/composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism. In March 2010, Chartier was awarded a Smithsonian Institution Artist Research Fellowship to explore the National Museum of American History's collection of 19th Century acoustic apparatus for scientific demonstration. Chartier will focus specifically on the many sirens, waveforms, and other inventions of the German physicist Rudolf Koenig including the Tonometer (c. 1870-1875), the only instrument of its kind in existence. An original score by Chartier accompanies Al Miner's contribution to QUEERING SOUND, Fly 08. [DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR]

SOFT PIECES is a project of Zach Mason - inspired by the political aims of 20th century performance art, the primitive electronics of musique concrète, and the boundless freedom of noise music - to join organic, improvisational performance with the versatility of digital tools, pairing spectacle with subtlety to create a memorable experience for each audience member. Every record is different. It has been Zach's explicit goal to never settle into a single sound or a single way of working. If a connective thread exists between his recordings, it is the same enthusiasm and sense of play that he brings to collaboration and live performance. Every show is different. Some live sets have involved costumes or embrace performance art through acts of removing clothing with scissors, encouraging the audience to draw on his skin, or - in collaboration with the Human Crochet Project - connecting with the audience in a very literal sense. As a Maryland resident, Zach works to continue the DC area's legacy of joining art with activism, organizing shows and compilations to benefit progressive groups such as the DC Abortion Fund and the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

HUMAN CROCHET PROJECT blurs the boundaries of wearable art and performance through crocheting directly on the body and over the greater physical space. Cynthia Combs is joined by Laura Craig Mason and a team of volunteers in this wholly contemporary update on the art of crochet. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

NICHOLAS SZCZEPANIK was raised on a farm with three brothers and two sisters until his parent's divorce caused his family to divide. His interest in recording music began when his oldest sister, Darlyn, would share and listen to music with him, triggering his fascination with sound. He currently resides in a suburb of Washington D.C. with his partner, attending college, working full-time, and spending any other time managing his label, SRA, or recording. His favorite color is yellow. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

MICHELLE WEBB is recognized as an incredibly creative and innovative guitarist and improviser, an electrifying and original musician and composer. She graduated from the Duke Ellington Arts High School (Washington D.C.) and attended Oberlin Conservatory (Ohio). Returning to the East Coast, Webb started to fall head long into the electronic music scene of New York City and soon became a hard house and techno DJ in the East Village. Along with spinning records, Webb worked diligently on her compositional skills as well as her guitar chops along with grasping a solid knowledge of recording, engineering and sound design. Webb returned to DC in 2008. A restless collaborator who constantly seeks the most diverse and personally challenging contexts for her music, Webb not only produces a large number of recorded projects, she performs frequently throughout the USA with several regular groupings as well as solo guitar concerts and performances of freely improvised music with a host of diverse instrumentalists. Likewise, she has developed a highly individual style from an uncommonly varied range of influences that include traditional blues, East Asian, Classical North Indian and Turkish music, free jazz, improvisation, American steel-string guitar, rock, jazz fusion and modern classical music. [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

VLT_BLK reanimate dead media. The duo of Jeff Surak [Violet] and JS Adams [BLK w/ BEAR] create audio installations and compositions that utilizes prepared vinyl, home recording acetates and multiple vintage audio/visual record players; weaving scratches, forced loops and the inherent surface noise of damaged vinyl into ever shifting ambient environments often punctuated with bursts of noisy happenstance. [AUDIO INSTALLATION]

DAN VERA is the author of The Space Between Our Danger and Delight (Beothuk Books, 2008), his first full length collection of poems. His work has appeared in various print and online publications. He also edits the Gay culture journal White Crane, is founder of Brookland Area Writers & Artists, and is co-publisher of VRZHU Poetry Press. He makes his home in Washington D.C. with his partner Peter Montgomery and their black lab, Blossom (named after American jazz singer and pianist, Blossom Dearie). [LIVE PERFORMANCE]

The TRIANGLE ARTISTS GROUP is an affiliation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer artisans from throughout the Washington-Baltimore area and covers a wide spectrum of visual, literary, and performance arts.

SONIC CIRCUITS seeks to foster the spirit of collaboration through the diversity of participating artists, and its varied programming appeals to arts enthusiasts of all type; offering experimental and avant-garde electronic music to free jazz, noise rock, modern composition, avant-garde improvisation, electronic drone and experimental folk, as well as live video and film programs, presented year round. The 2010 Sonic Circuits festival is scheduled for September 18-25 at various venues around the Metro DC area.

PYRAMID ATLANTIC is a non-profit contemporary arts center dedicated to the creation and appreciation of hand papermaking, printmaking, the digital arts and the art of the book. For nearly 25 years, Pyramid has provided opportunities for the discovery and creation of these fine arts through imaginative programming for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

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