RELEASE DATE: Monday 15 May 2006
PRESS CONTACT: JS Adams [ curator ]

Saturday 10 June : 7 PM
Warehouse Next Door : 1017 7th Street NW : Washington DC : USA

Sixth installment of acclaimed sound + spoken word event offers a continued program of the provocative, the experimental, and the cutting edge

Dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo...

The sixth installment of Queering Sound again gathers together local, national and international artists - with a non-exclusive curatorial focus towards gay, lesbian and post-gender-identified participants - who explore alternative avenues of expression through sound, the digital arts, noise, and spoken word. The music performance space of the Warehouse complex will host both established and upcoming local talents as well as serve to introduce Washington audiences to new sounds and visions from across the globe through digital contributions.

Compact discs, recordings, and other merchandise from contributors and performers will also be available for sale.

Admission is $5.00 and available at the door.


Arthur Loves Plastic is Bev Stanton. She was born in the Bahamas and raised near Walt Disney World. ALP has won over a dozen Washington Area Music Awards in the Electronica category. ALP's music has been featured in Access Hollywood, Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door, MTV's Cribs, America's Most Wanted and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Stanton has been described as a "remix master" by the Washington Post and has been editor's choice for music in the Washington Blade's "Best of Gay DC." [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR ]

BLK w/ BEAR is the audio-art pseudonym for visual artists and Queering Sound curator JS Adams. His audio performances - staged in art spaces across the Metro DC area and in NYC Tribeca arts district - include both temporal turntable installations and laptop compositions utilizing forced looping technique of altered vinyl recordings and media decay, along with manipulated voice synthesis and deconstructive turntablism. His recordings - released on Kuma-Chan [ USA ] and Trace Recordings [ UK ] - have accompanied film/video projects in NYC and London, as well as BBC programming. Selections from his Wish for a World Without Hurt collaboration with London's Rothko have been used in the Discovery's Channel's Emmy-nominated 'The Flight that Fought Back' docu/drama. Adams is a member of Outmusic and the American Composers Forum DC chapter. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

R H Bear [ NYC ] is bassist for industrial noise rockers BILE and assists BLK w/ BEAR for live performances. Rick will also provide live accompaniment to QUEERING SOUND's opening number by Heavy Lids. BILE's newest release Hate Radio is due out soon. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

Everything is Fine and Heavy Lids serve as musical alter-egos for visual artist and photographer Marc Joseph Manning, a recent transplant to Portland, Oregon. He likens his music to "A hot burning cloud" and that's as good a summation as any. His one-man project, Heavy Lids, creates humid ambiance and electronic power-drones along the lines of Black Dice, Nurse with Wound, or SUNN0)). The songs of Everything is Fine are melancholy but not depressing, and occasionally quite beautiful. You might hear traces of Galaxie 500, Slowdive/Mojave 3, and Slint's quieter moments. At times, the exquisite balance between fear and joy seems almost uplifting. Marc's visual work will accent the broadcast of his tunes. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR ]

FEEDBACKACKACK! is the real-time remix project of deejay and musician Dan Bidwa - a veteran of our earliest Queering Sound performances. Feedbck is making noise out of nothing at all. Feedbackckak is the sound of sound of sound. Feedbaaaaa is a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Feedbbbakakb goes one way. Feedbaback has been here before. Feedbkkk gets lost in the sound. Feedbackcak is breaking it down. Feedbckackack comes from Pittsburgh. Feedback. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

Douglas Graves - Nomadic Sound Bear - Grew up in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri and now has the majority of his personal items in storage there. He is currently touring the continent with some musical that has a green girl in it, making things too loud or too soft depending on who you ask. Douglas began composing in high school and holds a Masters in Music Composition from Bowling Green State University (Ohio). He attended Yale School of Drama with plans to compose music and create sound designs for theatre, but found the technical side more interesting and much more profitable. Douglas lived in New York City for seven years, working on several theatrical projects and a few television shows. His current plans are to move to California, after he has saved his pennies with his current projects. There he hopes to get back into the creative side of theatre and start composing more. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR ]

J R Logan. From the dust bowl to the angst of the east coast ... riding across Washington guided by saddle lights. Poet. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

Nick Lopata lives in lovely Takoma Park, Maryland. He has been creating and editing video for Blowoff, the monthly event thrown by Bob Mould and Richard Morel at Washington DC's 9:30 club. Nick has created a video piece to accompany "Restless Night Visions" by Douglas Graves and a minimalist treatement for "Untitled New York Song" by Nowhereians for this year's Queering Sound. In addition to his video work, Nick's other projects include photography, lighting design, and a local independent film, "The Saferoom." [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR ]

Nowhereians is the solo ambient, drone project from sound engineer/editor and bassist Crawford Blair. He credits his 4-year tenure with the three-bassist version of Rothko under the leadership of Mark Beazley as the "most salient musical experience I've had in terms of satisfaction" by helping him to widen the palette of sounds one could wring from a simple four-string bass guitar. He now performs in the UK's Slow Life. Blair: "All Nowhereians music is created as quickly as time will allow, and destroyed immediately after mixing. Nowhereians music makes me think of the patterns I see when I close my eyes and push my eyeballs in slightly, not the actual dots drifting past but the warmth and childlike familiarity of that feeling." [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR ]

Doug Poplin [ cello ] performs regularly in the Nation's Capital as a recitalist, chamber and orchestral musician and currently teaches at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop. He received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Minnesota and worked for two years with the Guarneri String Quartet at the University of Maryland. Doug continues to add his artistry to BLK w/ BEAR performances and recordings. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

QIER : Queer Institute of Ersatz Research return to the Warehouse music space after delighting audience members at last year's Is That a Boy or a Girl? Artists Look at Gender performances with their wonderfully off-kilter electro-clash tunes and live video loops. QIER believes identity is a mix of visuals, narratives, genders, complex codes, data, race, commercial and institutional information. The performance collaborative includes Renee Shaw, Brendon Howell, and Melissa Mullins. [ LIVE PERFORMERS ]

Although featured on banjo for this performance, Ginger Richards plays bass for the local all-girl rock outfit Federal City Five and guitar for garage-rocking The Hall Monitors. Both bands are scheduled to perform at the Ft. Reno free concert series this summer. She originally hails from Denver, Colorado, where she played and toured with the feisty all-female punk band The Pindowns. In addition to her band experience, Ginger has a Bachelor of Science in music from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Master of Science in Library Science with a specialization in Music Librarianship from Catholic University of America. She adds her banjo accompaniment to a trio of Everything is Fine songs. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

Tim Sheetz dba J-Lo-Fi will assist Ginger Richards and add sonic effects to two songs from Everything is Fine. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]

Social ecologist Ethan Shoshan - known for his disruptions in public spaces, gritty conversations, and lack of boundaries - presents a meditative, animated documentary landscape of what life in AmeriKKKa has become. He is co-conspirator of community arts collaborative, it/EQ, which recently received a Puffin Award for a community arts program in San Francisco, working to bridge various under-represented groups together through workshops and experimental public art happenings in July-August 2006. Info. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR ]

Dan Vera was born in South Texas and lived in Colorado, Washington State and Chicago before moving to DC. The Tejano Cubano Radical Faerie poet is Managing Editor of White Crane, a journal of Gay Wisdom & Culture and founder of Brookland Area Writers & Artists. His first book of poetry will be published in late summer. [ LIVE PERFORMER ]


The Triangle Artists Group is an organization of more than 100 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer artisans from the Washington-Baltimore area and includes a wide spectrum of visual, literary, and performance arts.

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