Saturday 04 June : 3 PM + 8 PM
Warehouse Next Door : 1017 7th Street NW : Washington DC : USA

Fifth installment of acclaimed sound + spoken word event offers a continued program of the provocative, the experimental and the cutting edge

RELEASE DATE: Monday 02 May 2005
PRESS CONTACT: JS Adams [ curator ]

[ AN·I·MUS ] in Jungian psychology, the masculine inner personality as present in the unconscious of the female

[ AN·I·MA ] in Jungian psychology, the feminine inner personality as present in the unconscious of the male

The Triangle Arts Group presents QUEERING SOUND 05 [ ANIMUS_ANIMA ], its annual staging of alternative sound work and spoken word for two stagings, SATURDAY 04 JUNE at the WAREHOUSE NEXT DOOR, 1017 7th Street NW, Washington DC, at 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Admission to each performance is $5.00 and available at the door.

The fifth installment of Queering Sound again gathers together local, national and international artists - with a non-exclusive curatorial focus towards gay, lesbian and post-gender-identified participants - who explore alternative avenues of expression through sound, the digital arts, noise and spoken word. The music performance space of the Warehouse complex will host both established and upcoming local talents as well as serve to introduce Washington audiences to new sounds and visions from across the globe through digital contributions.

The visual artists of the Triangle Artist Group will also contribute to Queering Sound through site-specific installation works at the Warehouse Next Door while other artisans will create and provide patrons with found sound maps for self-guided tours for the District's own unique symphonies mécanique and ambience. [ The Triangle Artists Group will also have a member exhibition running in the adjacent Warehouse Gallery through June 2005. An opening reception for QUEERING SIGHT_QUEER INSIGHT is planned for Friday 03 June. ]

Compact discs, recordings and other merchandise from contributors and performers will also be available for sale at the Warehouse Next Door shows.


Animals with Machinery - Louisiana's Mark Ophidian - has been working with analog synthesizers, many hand-built, for going on near 20 years. Ophidian credits Severed Heads, Meat Beat Manifesto's Jack Dangers, Nurse with Wound and Coil among his many influences. Animals with Machinery contributes several tracks for Queering Sound - including Red, The Dark Age of Love, Illusions and the heraldic Somniferum Requiem. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

Arthur Loves Plastic is Bev Stanton. Her music - which has appeared on many syndicated and cable television shows - has been praised in Keyboard magazine and The Washington Post. Stanton, who first contributed to Queering Sound 2004, has won multiple Washington Area Music Association awards in both the Electronica and Electronica Recordings categories. For Queering Sound 05, her amorous cat George leapt on the keyboards and composed an ambient piece. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

BLK w/ BEAR - sound art pseudonym for JS Adams - has garnered glowing reviews and international airplay for his thought-provoking and moving Wish for a World Without Hurt collaboration with London's Rothko and his limited edition 12-inch single fahrenheit_drafts [ Trace Recordings UK ]. This installment, Adams - with able assist from bassist R H Bear and cellist Doug Poplin - deconstructs British Invasion pop singles by The Animals [ 3 PM performance ] and, at the evening performance, provides an alternate instrumental soundtrack to campy, cautionary films used in 1960's health classes to terrify sexual-burgeoning young minds. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

R H Bear [ NYC ] is bassist for industrial noise rockers BILE and again adds his strum und kerrang bass playing and effects to the BLK w/ BEAR performances. A collaborative release of electro-acoustic noise and improvisation is planned for later this year between the pair. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

Equal doses of vocal gymnastics, dub aesthetics, anti-pop deconstruction, performance art and audio-electronic improvisation, The Caution Curves feature Rebecca Mills [ laptop ], Tristana Fiscella [ vocals and guitar ] and Amanda Huron [ percussion and vocals ]. [ LIVE PERFORMERS : 3 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Charles Cohen has composed his "subconscious atmospheres" and "sub-atomic landscapes" on a historic Music Easel, created by Don Buchla solely for electronic music performance in 1972. Cohen - who has performed in sonic collaborations or as solo performer at electro-acoustic festivals in Baltimore, New York City and in his native Philadelphia - contributes several compositions to act as background ambience to Queering Sound's wordsmiths. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

The audio palette of Casey Danielson has grown to includes noise, computer-generated glitches, found audio and field recordings. Danielson curates DC's nascent Sephid Sound event of improvised audio-visual performance, sound and spoken word. His Queering Sound contribution will be Ride 5, an engaging soundscape of found audio and field recordings from bridges, tunnels, airports, crowds and DC streets. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 8 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Currently relocated to New York City, Monica A. Hand is a poet and book artist. A limited-edition book work of her haiku, Seven Seasons of Separation and Loss of Seven Seasons Lost, in collaboration with TAG artists Frederick Nunley and Steven Stichter, was issued in January 2003 by 7 Hands Press. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

J R Logan. Unknown and upublished poet. From the Alley of Tornadoes....to Athens, Georgia....to Northern Virginia. Writer and queer dad. Privacy lover. Attempting to acclimate to Washington DC by random acts of kindness and words of wisdom. Currently reaching for poetic core. Twenty years in the process. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 8 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Victor Martinez lives in Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico and is co-director of the independent organization La Ce.D Contemprary Arts which promotes and documents ephemeral arts like performance and site-specific installations of Mexican artists and abroad. His work has been shown internationally, including at festivals and exhibtions in the United States, Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Spain and Poland. Martinez is also a recipient of grants and scholarships from the Deutsche Akademic Ausstanddienst, the National Arts and Culture Funds of Mexico and the Ford Foundation. He is a former member of the artists group 19 Concereto from 1990-95. His 1995 performance work memoria y olvido and audio samples from his PUUK KAPUT and Signos en Paredes projects are used for Queering Sound. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR : 3 PM PERFORMANCE ]

From PHAG OFF - the ultimate queer experience - a queer-culture-homocore-gender-outlaw events group based in Rome, Italy - comes a mix set of audio/visual deconstructions from deejay Warbear [ Francesco Macarone Palmieri ] along with video artisans Nikky and Infidel. The PHAG OFF team was recently invited to stage a gallery installation-performance for hack.it.art presented by AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism project, Berlin. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTORS : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

Doug Poplin [ cello ] performs regularly in the Nation's Capital as a recitalist, chamber and orchestral musician and currently teaches at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop. He received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Minnesota and worked for two years with the Guarneri String Quartet at the University of Maryland. Doug continues to add his artistry to BLK w/ BEAR performances and recordings. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

Dancing robotic skeletons? Sure! New media artisan Peter Somers of Brussels offers his computer-generated music video for rechoque, an electro-synth track from Belgium dance band Shameboy. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR : 8 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Speaking our Minds documents the founding and growing importance of DC's mothertongue spoken-word collective and was directed by Allison B. Miner and Courtenay Singer. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTORS : 3 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Karen Taggart is co-founder of mothertongue, DC's original women's spoken word collective, and one of Queering Sound's first contributing wordsmiths. QU05 marks her return to the performing stage after several years of writer's block and months of therapy. She would like to thank JS Adams for kicking her ass back into the creative world. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 3 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Tone Ghosting is the new audio nome de plume for the former DJ Panic aka DC-based author and Electric Possible promoter Jeff Bagato. His electro-acoustic improvisations involve vinyl recordings played with hacksaw blades and run through electronic processing. His new book, Mondo DC: An Insider's Guide to Washington DC's Most Unusual Tourist Attractions, is available through mondoDC.com. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 8 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Dan Vera, a Tejano Cubano Radical Faerie poet and South Texas native, has lived in Colorado, Washington State and Chicago before moving to the DC area. In Dan's early twenties, Pablo Neruda whispered in his ear and his world went Technicolor and he's had a hard time seeing in black and white ever since. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 3 + 8 PM PERFORMANCES ]

New York's *V*I*R*G*O* describes his music as "a dark and sensual electronic fantasy." His Washington debut finds the Outmusic member backed by bassist Toshio Mana - who performed at Queering Sound 04 - along with drummer Anthony Maulella and synth player Gordon Smith. Special guest : HypoFixx on guitar. [ LIVE PERFORMER : 8 PM PERFORMANCE ]

Justin Watson [ UK ] filmmaker and proprietor of British indie label Bad Hand Records has created a subtle, visual tone poem of translucent haze and refraction set to the BLK w/ BEAR track burn_through. Watson's first foray into filmwork was a 2001 documentary on the Colchester, Essex band Tao de Moto and credits the support of friends - including Mark Beazley of Rothko, whom he collaborated with on a series of film shorts - for his renewed enthusiasm in filmmaking. [ DIGITAL CONTRIBUTOR : 8 PM PERFORMANCE ]

The Triangle Artists Group is an organization of more than 100 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer artisans from the Washington-Baltimore area and includes a wide spectrum of visual, literary, and performance arts.

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