le théâtre mécanique de milo et d'otis
Our story begins in 1783 as our intrepid, little pug dog and Elisha Graves Otis (1811-1861) - inventor of the modern safety elevator - raise high over the rooftops of Paris in lighter-than-air flight ... companioned with a chicken, a duck, a sheep, and the Montgolfiere brothers. Puppets wielding bottles of ketchup always entertain.


Today's Episode: Valentine Grating (14 February 01)

Rubbing his eyes, Milo was sluggish to decipher the words imprinted on the Mylar balloon that greeted his waking moments on that fateful Wednesday morning. "Walk through a Mine Field with 4 Beavers," he slowly read aloud.
Otis felt a pit widen in the bottom of his stomach. Never again would he attempt emotional sincerity before Milo could don his reading glasses.


Previous Episode: Buddy's Lament (13 March 98)
Sung to the tune of The Beverley Hillbillies

Let me tell you all a story 'bout a man who's dead
He couldn't play the Tin Man, so they canned his ass instead
He got real sick from the make-up that he wore
So they hired a replacement and shoved him out the door


Previous on our show: The Music Lover (05 September 97)

Milo and Otis exited the rumble of the subway, greeted by a street musician woefully intoning "Kumbaya."
"'I'll give you a dollar to stop playing that crap," confronted Otis.
"Fuck You!" spattered the saxophonist.
Your move. Otis wished the rest of the day would provide such simple decision making.


Previously on our show: The Busy Day (24 May 97)

"What a wonderful Saturday, Otis!" extolled Milo. "I ran around all day, frolicking in the sunshine and playing with my squeak toy!"
"Indeed!" agreed Otis, "I started the morning finishing off a three-way from the night before ... boy, are my nips roughed over"
"Oh," the half-hearted Milo replied, "Thanks for sharing that with me."
"Then we headed out for a body art performance piece where this guy dripped hot wax all over himself while his girlfriend was suspended from the ceiling in a body harness, water running over her! Then we had a great Asian lunch and cruised the biker eye-candy at a Harley street fest. Then chowed down decadent amounts of chocolate with our last dollars, right before a homeless man begged us for sandwich money."
"Dear me!" Milo uttered.
"And all the while I was stretching my nuts!"

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