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[concept] queries and insights

[context] window installation for QUEERING SIGHT - QUEER INSIGHT . June 2005 . Warehouse . Washington DC USA

[content] tables and chairs . tablecloths . miscellaneous jars + bottles . organic apple vinegar . water . vocabulary cards . fuses . light bulb . iron fillings . electric motors . audio recording tape . sealing wax . home recording discs + mailers . magnets . string . paper ephemera . paintbrushes . key tags . rubber stamp prints . ink-jet prints . mica sheets . shellac . paper . display box . journals . twigs . coping wire . Madrid travel book . copper sheets . hand-painted plates by + courtesy of Ruth Trevarrow

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[concept] a device or theoretical construct with known or specified performance characteristics but unknown or unspecified constituents and means of operation . something that is mysterious . especially as to function . an abstraction of a device or system in which only its externally visible behavior is considered and not its implementation or "inner workings" . equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight

[context] sound art installation for QUEERING SIGHT - QUEER INSIGHT . June 2005 . Warehouse . Washington DC USA

[content] table and chairs . filing lock box . print-out label . portable CD player . CD-R audio recording of QUEERING SOUND artists, 2005 . CD-R recording and text print-out of Sticks and Stones reading by Harvey Fierstein, TOO QUEER, 1995

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[concept] how much information is needed - or not - to acknowledge gender? 1969 . sailboat . 1972 . canine . directions + timelines . polarities + associations

[context] audio translocation / installation for HEY IS THAT A BOY OR A GIRL? ARTISTS LOOK AT GENDER . November 2005 . Warehouse . Washington DC USA

[content] filing lock box . portable CD player . CD-R audio recording of BLK w/ BEAR - JAPAN ON HER BACK : JAPAN ON HIS BACK loops [ sample mp3 ] . porcelain figurines . specimen jars . organic apple vinegar . iron filings . wooden arrows . copper foil

[review] ...an installation that takes up an entire room at the exhibit and questions gender in atypical ways. In the center of the room is a black box with silver clasps and on the lid sits two jars filled with a yellowish-looking liquid. Submerged in the liquid of each jar is a single Japanese figurine, stripped of all paint and reduced to a white finish. The figures are two children, one boy and one girl. A soundtrack of distorted urban rhythms and fractured speech and melody plays in the background as part of the installation. Black arrows are placed against two walls of the room, and four copper equilateral crosses are nailed to the floor, one on each side of the box. At times, a watery piano sound dominates the soundtrack, and it's easy to get the feeling that the distorted voices are the long-drowned words of the Japanese figurines. The children look archetypal with their simple joyful expressions, and yet their haunting prisons beg the question of what society does to its little boys and girls. - Greg Marzullo, Washington Blade, 11-November-2005

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