signal to noise ratio . concurrent transgressions and turntable deconstructions . recordings of failed communication and decomposed transmission . archival reconstructionism
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[bio] following earlier loop and turntablism experiments during the 1970's and 80's with Louisville KY musical improvisation group STUTTER, now under his sound art pseudonym, BLK w/ BEAR, Washington DC-based artisan JS (Jim) Adams has created both temporal turntable installations and laptop compositions utilizing forced looping technique of altered vinyl recordings along with 'dead media' recording sources such as Mutoscope 'Voice-o-Graph' and Wilcox Gay 'Recordio' discs . CD and CD-R releases are available through queer musicians collective Kuma-Chan Records [San Francisco CA] . the acclaimed Rothko - BLK w/ BEAR collaboration Wish for a World without Hurt CD and BLK w/ BEAR fahrenheit_drafts limited edition 12-inch EP are available from Trace Recordings [UK] . BLK w/ BEAR is now a full-band effort of Adams [loops + pepared vinyl] Doug Poplin [cello + effects] PD Sexton [bass + effects + source electronics] and Renee Shaw [live video mix]

[statement] BLK w/ BEAR advocates a communications aesthetic wherein audio/visuals are distilled to key base components through image pixelation and sound/time manipulation . we celebrate the physical manifestation of misfired communications . broken language and broadcast interference . we champion delay and decay . we champion audio bleed, field recordings and the deconstructed surface noise of altered vinyl recordings . we herald cyclical repetitions and misappropriated realignments . intentional over-processing . signal saturation and digital malfeasance . audio pranksterism . through aggressive enlargement and recontextualization of the mundane and every-day we hope to usher listeners and viewers into a deeper introspective relationship with previously familiar . now unstable . environs

[reference points] Charles Hayward . This Heat Health & Efficiency (1980) . Faust . Wire Former Airline (1979) . The Yardbirds Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (1966) . Deep Listening . King Crimson Groon (1970) . Seefeel . Mauricio Kagel Acustica (1969) . The Work I Hate America (1981) . Simultaneity . Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontakte (1959/1960) . Happenstance . Cornelius Cardew . Black Earth Percussion Group . William Hugh Albright Organbook II (1973) . The Wind Harp: Song from the Hill (1972) . Luigi Russolo and The Art of Noise . Kurt Schwitters Ursonata (1923-31) . John Cage Variations IV (1963) . Morton Subotnick Sidewinder (1971) . Steve Reich Come Out (1966) . NEU! Hallo Excentrico! and Cassetto (1973) . Isolationism . Dead Media Project . dead recording media . Plunderphonics . Turntablism . Ron Rice A Brief history of Anti-Records and Conceptual Records . Ursula Block and Michael Glasmeiser Broken Music: Artists' Recordworks [review]

[visuals] Lawrence Weiner . Fluxus . Dada . Ted Serios . Yves Klein . Franz Kline . Nancy Rexroth . Barbara Kruger . Marcel Duchamp Rotoreliefs site one . Rotoreliefs site two

[dead media] Califone and Audiophonic Record Players . Hamilton Electronics Record Players . Voice-o-Graph . Wilcox-Gay Recordio . Audiodisc . Capital Recording Disc . Philco Safety Records . Duodisc

[rotations + loops] Janek Schaefer . William Basinski . Milan Knizak . Philip Jeck . Christian Marclay . Pierre Schaeffer . Stock Hausen and Walkman Good Vibrations (1997) . DJ Olive . Les Sculpteurs de Vinyl Memory & Money (1997) . Otomo Yoshihide

[thanks] Joseph Dress . LD Begthol . RH Bear . Mark Beasley . Dan Strange . DC Sonic Circuits . Ed Boland . Jeff Jobson . Bob Hunter . John Timmons . David Birdwhistle . Daniel Heffner . Frederick Nunley . Ruth Trevarrow . Crawford Blair . Long Division with Remainders . District of Columbia Arts Center . B Stanley . Molly Ruppert . Triangle Artists Group

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