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[concept] pulled . nay . resurrected from a concerted effort to continue . to alert . to focus . remaining ill-at-ease yet cautious . fascinated yet fastidious . searching to define the bigger picture . now made painfully aware that the bigger fire demands a greater fuel . demands more timber . demands love and attention from a god that is already in limited supply . then . a great silence . we are beginning to lose satellites . the deafening has begun

[context] twenty-one monotype images . one dozen shown here . 5-1/4 inches x 2-1/4 inches each . Art-O-Matic, November 2002, Washington DC USA . tangential to THE EDITING POOL . appropriations from sticks + stones . drive the cold winter away . and frontier ballads . additional imagery used for BLK w/ BEAR performances staged during the month-long arts event . re:broadcast at Soundvision, June 2003, Portland OR USA

[content] shellac . inkjet print . manila paper

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?2002 ARF/STUTTERtones